Does waist training help you lose weight?

For diet enthusiasts, learning if waist trainers work in losing weight is the most important question to be answered. With the collection of opinions of doctors and experts, waist trainers are nothing more than modern corsets that tightly wraps the waist, offering an effective back support which leads to good posture and an hourglass figure while wearing them. Despite of their professional opinions, there are still users, especially Hollywood celebrities who claim that these undergarments are effecting in losing weight.AC2031_4__93218.1434724207.285.365

So, do they really help in losing weight?

According to a sports medicine internist, there is currently no scientific research to back this idea of waist training as an effective way to burn some fats. A famous women’s health magazine also said that other than the fact that there is no strong evidence with to this claim, they don’t understand how a lot of people would believe in this new trend.

The best way to answer this question is that, waist training is an effective way to remind you to maintain proper diet and exercise regularly. By wearing it, it will remind you of how you’ll look if you follow a healthy lifestyle.

But, the worst fact, even about the best waist trainers in the market, despite being advertised as “safe” undergarments, they possess great health risks to users. Wearing it too tight or for a longer period of time causes your body tissues to and bones to get damaged by the constriction these undergarments cause. It can also cause other short term effects like breathing problems, dizziness and headaches.

If you really want to lose weight while in a waist trainer, we suggest you pair it with eating the proper food and exercising regularly. It won’t just give you the hourglass figure that you’ve always wanted, but you will also maintain a healthy body that can last a lifetime.