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The first cryptocurrency with a humanitarian purpose

Global Currency

Gridcoin is a global, decentralized P2P currency. No organization has authority how and where users spend their money and transaction fees ares slim to none – no matter where in the world you are.

Help Research

Gridcoin uses BOINC, an open-source distributed computing network, in order to contribute some of its processing power to scientific and humanitarian research; the first cryptocurrency of its kind.

Get Rewarded

Users can contribute processing power to BOINC research or the Gridcoin network and be rewarded with Gridcoins that can be saved, spent, gifted or donated. It’s like getting paid to help the world!


Gridcoin can be considered efficient since the electricity it uses is  not wasted on merely supporting the network. It uses a unique algorithm to switch between verifying transactions and running BOINC.

Latest News

Some Sad News

Hello Everyone, Unfortunately I have some bad news. A few days ago a malicious user managed to overtake Gridcoin's blockchain…

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We're running a design contest in order to get a new and improved logo design! Please participate here if you'd…

Participate in several research projects of your choice!

Eligible projects:
• World Community Grid
• Rosetta@Home
• Seti@Home
• Wildlife@Home
• … and more!


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